Pilot (Man with the Meat Machine)




"With changes from classic chase scenes, to techno thriller soundscapes, to spy movie antics and back to lounge music, it's pretty obvious this won't be classified as easy listening. And that, I would think, will be the deciding factor to most. I doubt anyone will use words like "OK" and "pretty good" with this one, as the crowd will no doubt divide into two opposing camps. Superficial? Is the album trying to be artsy "just because"? Is it the best thing since sliced bread and getting a blowjob from two different chicks at the same time? Who the fuck knows but I'm sure those willing to take the plunge and give it a shot are indeed granted with a thought provoking record that will, in the best case scenario, speak to them for a long time after the album has ceased spinning; no matter what group the listener will eventually fall into." Apollyon, DigitalMetal.

"Pervengono alla definitiva logica artistica dell'elaborazione sonora a cut-up. O meglio, il suono diviene mezzo legato dadaisticamente ed esotericamente in un universo che adopera un collage espressionista la cui tipologia vive dell'immaginario cinematografico noir (Kubrick, Lynch, Carpenter, Tarantino in primis). A Clockwork Highway, e specialmente la sua costola 23 Miles Back on..., fecero intendere l'intenzione culturale, ergo il chiaro distaccamento dalla matrice metal. Pilot Man... va oltre, sfida la capacità concettuale dell'ascoltatore allineandosi nel corredo surreale del Maestro Foetus (periodo Flow); ossia jazz (quello notturno e vellutato di Badalamenti), blues, rocksteady, elettronica, sinfonico (l'operistica deforme cara a Devil Doll), rock, metal, gotico (il cenno neo Fields/Bad Seeds di The Night Mr. Clenchman Died), estetica western dai toni morriconiani, subiscono una compressione figurativa estasiante, anche grazie all'alto contributo medianico di un protagonista della sperimentazione industriale quale Z'EV. Poderosi." Stefano Morelli, Rumore.


released December 1, 2007

Recorded & Mixed at Killpop! Room, Driller Worm Studio & One Voice Studio sometime during 2005 & 06. Mastered by Danny Giordana at One Voice Studio - www.onevoicestudio.com
Executive production: Aural Music Group - Code 666 - www.code666.net

Music by Textbook of Modern Karate.
Lyrics by JD.
Layout by The Radio Elephant Conspiracy

Voice & programming: JD
Synths: Eve
Guit & bass: HK
Drums: Drakon

Additional noises on #5: Z'ev - www.rhythmajik.com
Voice on #6: Elena
Voice on #4: Marta Timon
"A Gasoline Hero" video by Alessandro Pacciani - www.pacciani.com

The album is available at Code 666 store.


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TMK Torino, Italy

TMK is the ongoing collaborative project involving sonic mongers Jd & Eve and a very close bunch of talented musicians that led to a over 15 years activity: started as a progressive/avant-garde extreme metal phenomenon, the Textbook of Modern Karate (formerly known as Thee Maldoror Kollective) evolved into a multi-dimensional experience and very much a statement rather than just a musical journey. ... more

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